NR74 和 NR73 的重要性!

The importance of NR74 and NR73!

It is indeed difficult to describe 2020, which also makes the tax filing in 2021 even more confusing.

For friends who are just traveling abroad but have no time to return, and whose financial situation is relatively complicated, we recommend that you fill in the NR73/74 form as soon as possible, and the tax bureau will give you an accurate decision after comprehensive consideration. Although the tax bureau has not confirmed whether to postpone the tax filing season this year, based on last year's situation, it is very likely that the tax filing season will be postponed, so you don't have to be too anxious. You should first understand the situation and then file in the correct way.

How do non-tax residents who are forced to stay in Canada file taxes in 2020? How to determine resident and non-resident status in Canada?

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