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WSIB is similar to the domestic work-related injury insurance we are familiar with. The full name of WSIB is the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board). Except for special industries, other employers must purchase this work-related injury insurance for their employees in accordance with the laws and regulations of their respective provinces.

Once you complete this form, pay and submit, it will be reviewed by our accountants and submitted to the WSIB/WCB agency. If any information is missing, we will contact you promptly.

Are you engaged in the following occupations?

  • I run a construction business I own a restaurant or bar
  • I run a sales and service, agricultural, or manufacturing business
  • I operate a business in the trucking or transportation industry I am a homeowner or private resident employing a household employee such as a nanny, nanny, cook, gardener, handyman, housekeeper, maid, etc.
  • I operate any of the following businesses: Banks, trusts and insurance companies Trade unions Private schools or private daycares Travel agencies Photographers Barbers and many hair salons (with exceptions) Funeral directors, etc.

To the greatest extent, you will need to register for WSIB/WCB.


Employee Commercial Insurance Account Registration-WSIB/WCB

Employee Commercial Insurance Account Registration-WSIB/WCB

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