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Personal property vacancy tax (UHT)

Personal property vacancy tax (UHT)

In the first year of 2022, a federal declaration of the house needs to be submitted, commonly known as the vacancy tax.

For non- permanent residents or citizens of Canada who hold real estate on December 31, 2022, the declaration due date is the end of October 2023.

Those who hold real estate on December 31, 2023 who are not permanent residents or citizens of Canada , regardless of whether it is vacant or not, need to declare it! ! There is a fine of CAD 5,000 for failure to declare property under one’s name.

If your status is a work permit or study permit on December 31, 2022, you still need to declare it regardless of whether your house is vacant or not!

If you do not have a Canadian income tax ID number yet, please hurry up and apply early (application time is 2-4 weeks).

The required documents are form T1261 + a clear scan of the first page of the passport + current residential address + current contact number! ! !

This declaration is based on each person, so the quotation is based on each owner. If your property has two owners, two orders will need to be added.

***Please note: Guests without an ITN tax number must use REGISTERED MAIL to complete the declaration.

If you have urgent needs, you have these two options: (including Canada Post fee and insurance)

2 working days delivery (+$250CAD)

3 working days delivery (+$100CAD)

After placing the order, please contact the web customer service through INBOX and pay the expedited fee

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律师Title transfer 文件PDF,最近一年的地税单PDF, 2022年全年的使用情况,以及加拿大其他直系亲属有持有该房产的比例。


目前处理时间是1-2天。按照流程网上下单, 您将收到我们的信息收集邮件, 邮件里面可以提交对应信息。收到信息,我们将按照先进先出的方式,处理您的问题。




如果您不是加拿大的PR或者公民, 无论房子是否空置,都是有申报要求的。

问:我常住加拿大,有学签身份, 是否需要申报?

需要申报, 12月31日不是PR 或者公民都是当年有申报要求的。

问:我常住加拿大, 有工签身份, 是否需要申报?

需要申报, 12月31日不是PR 或者公民都是当年有申报要求的。

问:可以email transfer(EMT)支付吗?

请您尽快将款项打到,并在备注里面标明发票号(Invoice Number)。多谢合作!

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