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UHT declaration for Canadian companies

UHT declaration for Canadian companies

In the first year of 2022, a federal declaration of the house needs to be submitted, commonly known as the vacancy tax. 2UHT declarations for calendar year 022 will be due on October 31, 2023. Overdue declarations will be subject to a penalty of at least 10,000 Canadian dollars per declaration.

First you need to know your BN number, and then apply for a BN-RU account. This policy basically coversCanadian companies (profit and non-profit), as well as non-Canadian registered companies, and trustsholding Canadiancivilian real estate.

If you have a Canadian accountant, please hurry up and handle it in time. This is the application link , you can click it to process it directly.

Residential property is defined as a property that has one of the following characteristics: A detached house or similar structure containing not more than three dwelling units, together with any appurtenances and associated land Semi-detached dwelling, townhouse unit, residential condominium unit or other similar premises, together with any common areas, appurtenances and associated land.

Because this declaration is an administrative declaration implemented in the first year, please pay attention to it and actively handle it. UHT declarations for the calendar year 2023 will be due on April 30, 2024, and the overdue penalty will be more than 10,000 Canadian dollars per declaration.

Prepare the house address, usage method, and owner (interest), etc.

This is a friendly reminder. If you don’t have a Canadian accountant yet, you can contact us to help you. Our email address is

If you have urgent needs, you have these two options: (including Canada Post fee and insurance)

2 working days delivery (+$250CAD)

3 working days delivery (+$100CAD)

After placing the order, please contact the web customer service through INBOX and pay the expedited fee

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