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Home Renovation Refund (NRRRPR)

Home Renovation Refund (NRRRPR)

Application price:
  • First calculate the expenses according to regulations and then apply for tax refund $1000+tax
Application conditions:
  • Buy a new home or a home that is built or significantly renovated, which may include a home on leasehold land (if the lease is for at least 20 years or gives you the option to buy the land), to be used as your (or your immediate family's) main residence
  • Build or substantially renovate your own home, or hire someone else to build or substantially renovate your home, as your (or your immediate family's) primary residence, and the market value of the home when the home construction work is substantially complete Under $450,000 CAD
What documents do I need to prepare?
  • In addition to regular documents, all bills need to be prepared

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