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Determination of tax resident/non-tax resident status

Determination of tax resident/non-tax resident status

Tax status determination is a service that helps you figure out your tax status.
The process is simple: just send us some basic information about your situation and we'll take care of the rest. In most cases, we can get a response from the CRA within 6-12 weeks.

Once we get the CRA determination letter, we will send it to you along with an explanation of what it means and how it will affect your taxes. Armed with this information, you can rest assured that you're prepared for tax season.

Tax residents include but are not limited to
(1) Canadian citizens
(2) Those who have lived there for 183 days in the year New immigrants
(3) International students who have lived for 183 days in the current year
(4) Foreigners with visitor visas who have income in Canada
(5) Canadian tax residents who are studying abroad (such as the United States) and have scholarships or income
(6) Overseas workers with Canadian status, spouses, Minor children or dependents living in Canada
(7) Canadian government personnel stationed abroad

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