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Payroll calculation service

Payroll calculation service

Whether you are a Canadian limited company or a self-employed small business, if you need to hire employees, you need to process payroll and become an employer. As an employer, you need to be aware of the following important issues:

  1. Sign an employment contract: Make sure you have a signed employment contract that clearly states the terms and conditions of employment.

  2. Apply for a payroll tax ID: You need to apply for a payroll tax ID. Once approved, you must strictly abide by labor law regulations, otherwise you will face significant risks.

  3. Salary calculation: Depending on company regulations, you can calculate your salary on an hourly or monthly basis. However, you must follow your tax authority's rules and deduct personal income tax and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, but not Employment Insurance (EI) payments. The amount of salary payment can be comprehensively considered based on the company size and tax burden. For employee salary payment, in addition to deducting personal income tax and CPP, the company also needs to pay the same amount of CPP and 1.4 times EI.

  4. Occupational Work Injury Insurance Number (WSIB): Please click here to download the Chinese brochure to learn about WSIB and the application process.

  5. Employer Health Tax (EHT): Pays employee wages and related payroll taxes.

Please note that Canadian payroll taxes have very severe penalties for non-compliance, so it is important that payroll taxes are enforced on time and accurately.

Our Services (Calculation and Reporting):

  • Salary Calculation: We will accurately calculate your salary, taking into account relevant factors such as employee wages, deductions, and tax obligations.

  • Salary report: We will generate a detailed salary report detailing your salary information to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Payroll Tax Filing: Our team of professionals will handle the tax filing process and submit all payroll-related taxes accurately and timely.

We provide the highest quality payroll tax filing services. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge and experience of Canadian payroll tax regulations. With our services, you can perform payroll calculations, reporting and filing with confidence, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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    常见问题 Q&A

    问:新员工需要提供什么信息给我们, 就可以开始计算了呢?

    答: 法定姓名(Legal Name),社会保险号(SIN),地址,出生日期,与股东的关系(如适用),时薪/月薪,工资支付频率(每两周、半月、每月、其他),第一个工资期结束日期,员工工时(如果用于以前的工资期,每个工资期请列出每位员工及其工时)

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