Nonprofit Registration

A nonprofit organization is a legal entity with a separate existence, separate from its members, that is a nonprofit corporation created to pursue charitable, religious, educational, athletic, or patriotic goals

Non-profit organizations are a type of limited company. The main difference from commercial companies is that non-profit organizations cannot issue shares for dividends like commercial companies. The benefit of personnel is the operational objective and any financial gain must continue to be used in activities consistent with the purpose for which the organization was established

In general, there are five types of non-profit corporations: 1) trade associations; 2)sports 3)Legal aid organizations;4)Service associations;5)Charities

Nonprofit Registration Services

  • Golden Key Business Development Center is the authorized company registration agent of the Canadian federal government company management departmentIt is very common to start a non-profit organization in Canada. Regardless of whether you have a Canadian identity or not, as long as there are one or more people over the age of 18 who have not filed for bankruptcy and have the capacity to act, you can register a non-profit organization in Canada Their forms include: associations, chambers of commerce, societies, research associations, fellowships or associations, clubs are fine

Our Service Rates

Basic content and charging standards

  • 15 minutes pre-incorporation consulting service: explain and answer some basic considerations for registering a non-profit organization in Canada;
  • NUANS name search service (please provide three preferred non-profit organization names)
  • Assist in preparing a full set of application documents and by-law;
  • Register a non-profit organization;
  • Register the company’s business account and various necessary tax ID numbers according to customer needs;

Federal registration and Ontario registration are the same price, total $621.50 (including government registration fee 220 and our processing fee and HST)


As a consultant firm serving the GTA for over 10 years, our services and prices have always been very attractive In order to provide higher quality, more comprehensive and considerate services, and to maintain our prices that have not changed for ten years, here is our streamlined workflow:

  1. Quickly fill out the form online, providing all the basic information
  2. Telephone, Wechat or email appointment time
  3. Pay according to the contract price
  4. We will prepare the application documents for you and let you review the information within 24 working days
  5. Submit Registration Application
  6. Ontario registration will usually be successfully registered within 24 hours; federally registered companies will receive registration feedback within 48 hours, limited by the name of the company, the acceptance time can generally be controlled within one week

Characteristics of non-profit organizations

  • The company is governed by a board of directors elected by its members
    Usually, the board of directors is responsible for appointing the secretary, director, chairman, etc., who are responsible for the actual operation of the company
  • A member of the directors "owns" the corporation
    No director, officer, or member may "own" the corporation, nor have title to any particular asset of the corporation, nor shall the corporation be its members, directors, or officers operating for economic gain
  • Multi-channel funding sources
    Canadian non-profit organization funding sources, including membership dues, donations, local government and federal government grants, sales of goods and services, etc.
  • Under certain circumstances, a nonprofit corporation may engage in activities that generate "profit"
    Activities must be consistent with the purpose for which the corporation was establishedFor example, a men's ice hockey club might hold a dance to prepare for the team's new uniformsIf, after the fee is paid, the dancing generates "profits", these monies belong to the club and are used for the benefit of the club, namely the purchase of new uniforms for its teams
  • Strict audit system
    Because the purpose of non-profit organizations is not to create profits, the government also needs to evaluate their operations, including project implementation, fund use, annual reports, etc.Nonprofits must follow specific financial policies and be fully auditedIf these organizations do not operate in accordance with the relevant regulations, the government will pay taxes in accordance with the relevant provisions

Required documents for registration of non-profit organizations

  • Nonprofit Organization Name, Initial Registered Office Address
  • A complete charter of the board of directors (including the purpose of establishment, target audience, etc.), draft agreement of the Canadian non-profit organization
  • Information on the members of the first board of directors
  • Optional English or French as the institutional language

Canadian status is not required to register a non-profit organization in Canada If the non-profit organization does not openly accept donations or government subsidies of less than 10,000 yuan, it only needs a director who is over 18 years old, has no bankruptcy record and has normal behavior. However, if it is openly recruited or accepts government funding of more than 10,000 Canadian dollars, it must have three directors or more

How do I apply for a charity?

Only those institutions (such as schools, hospitals, churches, etc.) that can help the public get rid of poverty, support students to go to school, or religious institutions (such as schools, hospitals, churches, etc.) can apply for charitiesCharities can purposefully accept social donations and present receipts for donationsOther non-profit organizations generally cannot issue donation receipts

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