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If you recently registered a business with ServiceOntario you may also be required to register your business with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). If you have employees, including full-time, part-time, contract, casual labour, students and/or family members, or run a business in construction, please visit to learn more about registering with us.

By registering with us and paying premiums, your business is covered by the WSIB which means you:

  • get affordable workplace insurance you can rely on to protect your employees
  • have no-fault workplace insurance that protects you from costly court settlements and provides services and support when you and your employees need it
  • have peace of mind of knowing you have the best coverage for your business
  • can access programs and services designed to help improve your workplace health and safety over time. This will help keep you informed, prepared and allow you to adjust for the future



  • 获得可靠的工作场所保险,保护您的员工。
  • 拥有无过失的工作场所保险,保护您免受昂贵的法庭和解,并在您和您的员工需要时提供服务和支持。
  • 拥有安心,知道您的企业拥有最佳保障。
  • 可以获得旨在随时间帮助提高工作场所健康和安全的项目和服务。这将帮助您保持信息更新,做好准备,并允许您为未来做出调整。

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