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NRST tax refund

NRST tax refund

NRST tax refund takes a long time and requires complicated materials.

Information required:
  1. Purchase Contract
  2. Lawyer documents for handover (including teraview docket+ title transfer+trust ledger)
  3. If you hold a work permit, please provide a valid work permit/employer letter and paystubs from the date of handover (can show the number of hours you work, more than 30 hours per week is considered full time) paystubs
  4. If it is a study permit, T2202 is required for at least 4 semesters
  5. If you get PR, you need to provide Letter approval
  6. Copy of the homeowner’s passport/driver’s license; if the property is jointly owned by husband and wife, please provide a marriage certificate (marriage certificates in China require a notarized copy)
  7. Proof of occupancy within 60 days of handover (Bank statement/Internet bill since you moved in/Information on purchasing furniture, etc., note: water and electricity bills and local tax bills The tax bureau does not approve it)
  8. Void check (bank account information is used for tax bureau refund) checking or saving
  9. Has the house been rented out?
  10. Source of funds for house down payment

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