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Non-Resident Canadian Property Sales Tax Rebate

Non-Resident Canadian Property Sales Tax Rebate

The process for non-tax residents to sell investment properties in Canada

  1. Have his lawyer withhold 25% of the sales price
  2. Apply for a tax clearance certificate, indicating all income and expenses, and calculating the actual tax amount
  3. After approval, the lawyer will refund the excess 25%
  4. Submit it to an accountant to calculate the expenses incurred, including attorney fees and other expenses, file the tax, and submit a tax refund application before April 30 of the second year after the property is sold
  5. The tax bureau will review the calculation of all income and expenses and refund the tax

If you want to know more about Canadian real estate tax declaration for non-residents, click the link below to watch the video explanation.

Non-resident Canadian Property Tax Return

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