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ITN tax number registration

ITN tax number registration

What is an ITN?

ITN is a tax number similar to SIN (social insurance number) for tax reporting purposes. ITN is generally issued to people who are not eligible to apply for SIN.

For non-Canadian residents who need to file Canadian taxes or have real estate investments in Canada, we strongly recommend that they apply for a Canadian Tax Number (ITN) as early as possible in order to avoid late filing penalties or late filing penalties when filing Canadian taxes. When selling an investment property, the transaction is delayed because you don’t have a Canadian tax return number. Especially for the recent new policy UHT declaration, the first requirement is to have an ITN or SIN number.

Add to cart and pay. You will receive our information collection form. Upload the required documents and wait for signature and submission.

The following information is roughly required,

Current residential address (including zip code) + current contact number + clear scan of the first page of the passport

After receiving the application, the Canada Revenue Agency will generally inform the applicant of the individual tax return number (ITN) in a letter in about 3-4 weeks. However, overseas applicants will take longer to be notified, generally around four to six weeks. The filing due date for UHT is the end of April. Please prepare early.

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