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Declaration of rental income from Canadian property for non-residents

Declaration of rental income from Canadian property for non-residents

If you are a non-tax resident, or part of the property rights of your house is held by a non-tax resident, then the proportion of the non-tax resident property rights in the rental income needs to be reported as a non-tax resident.

The information you need to provide is as follows (because Canadian tax returns are based on individuals, if multiple people share one or more properties, you can add a separate order to the shopping cart and check out together):

  • Copy of passport (for applying for tax number)
  • House purchase contract
  • House handover lawyer documents (for expense deduction)
  • House rental contract
  • Bank account information (used to set up pre-authorization so that the tax bureau can withhold prepaid taxes directly from your account)

If your situation is more complicated, you can contact us via or WeChat goldkeybiz.

Due to UHT (underused housing tax) declaration, there are currently many customers who need to make supplementary declarations, so it is recommended to process them as early as possible. You can also email us to request UHT electronic filing tutorials and links. Hope this helps everyone.

If you want to know more about non-resident Canadian real estate tax returns, click the link below to watch the video explanation.

Non-resident Canadian real estate tax filing

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Q: I have never thought about filing a tax return to refund the excess tax. Is it still too late now?
Answer: Everything is time-sensitive. The Canada Revenue Agency stipulates that you can claim the Canadian non-resident tax within two years of December 31 of the tax filing year to refund the overpaid tax related to rent income. That is to say, the overpaid withholding tax you paid in 2018 can be claimed and refunded before December 31, 2020. After 2020, you cannot apply for refund. The following years, and so on

Q: Canadian non-resident property rental tax filing service charges:
Answer: Our charges have always been clearly marked and have not been in the past five years Any changes: 300/year per person per property. Our service tenet is to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs, and maintain high-quality and low-priced services.

Q: My gross rent income has been withheld by the agency. How should I file my tax return?
Answer: Please provide us with the Canadian intermediary withholding certificate, which is called NR4. We can then use the property information you provide to help you file tax returns for Canadian non-resident property rentals.

Q: How long does the tax filing service take?
Answer: Generally speaking, we will process the tax form within seven working days when the information and materials submitted by the customer are complete.

Q: Are your tax forms submitted electronically or by mail?
Answer: The Canada Revenue Agency stipulates that tax forms for Canadian non-residents’ rental income must be submitted by mail. We usually submit by express delivery.

Q: Do you provide Canadian real estate rental tax consulting services?
Answer: We provide financial and tax business consulting to our customers all year round. If you have any needs, you can make an appointment for online consultation in advance. In order to ensure the quality of our consulting services, regular customers who have purchased our services will be given priority in receiving appointment consultations.

If you have any other questions, please click the "Chat" button in the lower right corner to leave us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Am I suitable to find a guarantor?

  无担保人 有担保人
降低加币不足的换汇成本 ✔️
降低现金流不足的贷款压力 ✔️
实现快速退税 ✔️
节约时间成本 ✔️
业主有加拿大常住人士做担保 ✔️
积极主动相应我们邮件通知提醒 ✔️
业主有贷款压力,现金流不充足 ✔️
目前出租净收入不高 ✔️
对加拿大政府以及我们有信任度 ✔️

Practical case: No guarantor VS With guarantor

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