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Non-Ontario Enterprise-Ontario Branch Company Registration

Non-Ontario Enterprise-Ontario Branch Company Registration

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The Foreign Corporations Act (EPCA) requires licensing for foreign companies carrying out business in Ontario. If you wish to conduct business in Ontario, it is important to register an Ontario branch. Without registering a company, you will not be able to conduct business in Ontario, open a bank account, apply for the HST or get a check. These are important aspects of doing business and mean you need to register your company in the province.

Required files:

  1. Company name and Ontario Corporation Number (OCN)
  2. Ontario based Nuans company name search report
  3. Administrative Information
  4. NAICS Business Activity Code
  5. Appointment of Service Agent
  6. Status Certificate
  7. Original date of formation or merger
  8. Jurisdiction
  9. Registered or head office address
  10. Date of company authorization application
  11. Principal place of office or business in Ontario
  12. Ontario CEO or Manager
  13. Confirm required statement
  14. A valid credit or debit card to pay the application fee

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